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Water Gap Fencing Solutions

Water Gaps are an area in which we specialize at L E Fence, and we take great pride in designing, fabricating, and building some of the best water gaps in the industry. Do you have a challenge with water flow on your property? Please call us, we like a good challenge!

LE Fence Company water gap barriers allow precious water to flow for irrigation, feeding and water features, while keeping valuable livestock in and unwanted guests out. Creeks, streams and river waterways are invaluable agricultural resources. We provide water gap fencing solutions to nourish your land and livestock. Over the last decade, our veteran tradesmen have completed installations of all kinds in and around Texas.

Our expert installers deliver top-notch installations that work with the water flow and shepherd your livestock. While water is critical for any living creature, unchecked livestock mobility causes significant erosion and pollution issues. We provide fencing that reduces livestock’s tendency to gravitate toward water features, preventing water bank damage and pollution.

With your specifications, our installers manage your project from beginning to end. We guarantee our fencing to withstand normal elements with exceptional resilience. Call LE Fence Company today for a long-lasting water gap fencing solution.

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