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Barbed Wire

Miles and miles and miles of barbed wire. If you need it strung, we can get it done.

LE Fence Company provides complete boundary control solutions – designing, fabricating and installing your barbed wire fencing to your specifications. Our experts deliver the most cost-effective and secure boundary control solutions available. We also provide low-profile barbed wire fencing to maintain your property’s aesthetic appearance.

Our company has served property owners in Texas and the surrounding states throughout the last decade, and we provide warranties for every barbed wire installation we complete. At LE Fence Company, we use the best materials on the market, guaranteeing the longest possible life for your installation.

For effective property access control, barbed wire fencing is an economical and functional tool. Landowners trust us, because our professional staff members save time and money. Call us today, and one of our friendly staff members will happily evaluate your border control needs.


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